Reactive Analysis

  1. Time Management ⏳
  2. Habits 🥕
  3. Productivity 🚀
  1. Time Management — During a week’s time, we try to give all the things some time daily, which is a wrong approach as per the analysis. Instead of giving some time to everything every day, one can give all his time (particular hours obviously) on fixed days with all the adjustments. Or one can even allot fixed hours of the week, such as giving 7 hours to book reading per week and whatever that time might be, like this, the work would get way sorted to move on to the next thing and have a focus on the activity rather than the worry about the completion of the thing. When the work tends to get systematic, the time for other things automatically gets increased, not exactly increases, yet you find the so-called hidden time as the time is already there, you’re late to discern it. For such analysis, I’d recommend Notion, wherein I created tables to analyze my time. Starting from 24 hours to where I end my day and where I go wrong, just like that!
  2. Habits — Habits play a vital role in shaping the kind of lifestyle and focus you have throughout the day. Your sleeping habits, diet, physical activities, well, literally all of them are equally impactful! I’ve realized this, that if I sleep late, it’s quite obvious that I’d wake up late and so the day revolves me being a cheeky wasteman, just because I’m tired the whole day and instantaneously I become active at night. This is a really bad recurring cycle. And whenever, being a minimalist, I plan the next day at night, the execution for the same depends 90–95% on when I wake. If in case I wake up early, I do have the kind of motivation needed or required to grab a cup of coffee and start grinding, but when I wake up late, I need a coffee just to at least kinda wake me up from the dizziness and so that I can overcome procrastination scrolling feed. So, in short, when you analyze and get to know that where are you going wrong, either not waking up, or sleeping, or not exercising, or anything, the reactive analysis will help you perceive the same and then react to it the very next day. Noting is very important in all of the things I must say. Noting helps you remember things in a quite good manner.
  3. Productivity — Well, just like success, everybody has a different definition of productivity. Some people think, just like me, getting things done can be considered productivity, some think that enjoying the journey is the best way one can consider productivity to be, some even think that if you are efficient, you are fruitful, you are productive. But, analyzing and reacting to the things where you went wrong and focusing on priorities enjoying the absolute journey can be taken as productivity as per me. You can’t be efficient 24x7 and what will you achieve when you have nothing to do after achieving it, so when you endeavor to cherish the journey, the more fruitful is your approach to life and that’s the beauty of realization.

The analysis will gradually show results when executed from something undevoured — Kabir Khanuja

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I’m Kabir, currently in secondary school but my interests go beyond it. I’ve been running a couple of organizations and doing something productive.